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∅410MM Spinneret

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All kind of Spinnerets can be supplied from us.

∅410 Spinneret,Included Solid spinneret and Hollow spinneret.

All kind of deniers:

Solid    spinneret: 1.5D,3D,6D,15D,Else

Hollow Spinneret: 3D,6D,15D,Else

We also supply else denier by the demand of customer.

You can send your detailed drawing or sample for us,or we can send our drawing for you as reference.

So that we can send the best price to you.

The spinneret is used to produce Polyester Staple Fiber of all kind of deniers. 

If you are interested in our product,please don't hesitate to inquire us.

We will reply you at once.

Welcome to inquire us.

Please check the following picture


                                                                 Above two pictures are ∅410MM Solid Spinneret.

                                                   Above two pictures are ∅410MM Hollow Spinneret.

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