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Cleaning of Spinneret

To clean spinneret, you may choose one of the following methods which we recommend:

1.Calcination: In automatic box type furnace, the spinnerets are heated to 450480. When temperature is over 480, a superheated steam will pass the calcinator and blow out the     flames to lower the temperature.So that the spinnerets can be prevented from being damaged.

2.Salts Bath: Formed by NaNO45%-NaNO45%-NaOH10% in mixture, salts bath acts as strong oxidant at its operating temperature, i.e., 450500. The polymer is decomposed to        CO₂ and H₂O very quickly during 60 to 90 minutes. After processed, remaining salts on spinnerets can be washed out by hot water and oxide removed by thin nitric acid.Then it   should be washed sequentially in clean water,ultrasonic tank and dried.

3.Procedyne Fluid Bed: At temperature of 450500,aluminium oxide powder is fluidified by hot air stream and scour the spinnerets. About 70% Polymer is detached and     decomposed. Carbon becomes CO. All these including inorganic substances, such as TiO₂, are discharged in the air.The advantage of this method is that the spinnerets can be   cleaned automatically.

4.TEG: First put spinnerets in boiling solution which contents NaOH(1520%) for 2 to 3 hours to remove most of the polymer, then in TEG bath at 260280for about 12 hours.         After cooled,spinnerets should still be washed sequentially in alkaline solution, water and ultrasonic tank before they can be dried and stored up.This process can avoid overheat      and is suitable for any type of stainless steel, but needs rather long time.

5.Vacuum Calciner: Burning in low pressure and vacuum, most of the polymer can be decomposed. Remaining part is washed out by water in the same furnace. The whole
   process can be automatically controlled and easily operated.









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